Something to share.

Do you ever read articles about mental health sometimes and just think….. No. Similarly do you ever read some and think, damn,  YES. This is my life and thank that person so much for writing it so people can read and just have a glimpse into the awful struggle we face every day.  Today I… Continue reading Something to share.

Anxiety and exercise.

So this time last week, I was enjoying a family fun weekend in London. We’d had an Air BNB disaster but lived to tell the story. The main reason we were there was to support my two brothers running the London Marathon. Watching the programme every year, I’ve always been┬ádesperate to go and support the… Continue reading Anxiety and exercise.

What Anxiety Really Means.

Morning all! Got a day off work today after being out photographing yesterday, so I plan to spend it cleaning my room – exciting stuff right? Anyhow, last night I came across an article on an Anxiety & I page that I follow on Facebook, and found it very relatable and comforting so just thought… Continue reading What Anxiety Really Means.