Something to share.

Do you ever read articles about mental health sometimes and just think….. No. Similarly do you ever read some and think, damn,  YES. This is my life and thank that person so much for writing it so people can read and just have a glimpse into the awful struggle we face every day.  Today I… Continue reading Something to share.

April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 18.

Day 18: Your Idol. I spent quite a bit of my day thinking about this one (I love how much thought I actually put into some of these answers…) and decided on someone who I’ve always admired. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time swimming. You know how everyone seems to have… Continue reading April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 18.

What Anxiety Really Means.

Morning all! Got a day off work today after being out photographing yesterday, so I plan to spend it cleaning my room – exciting stuff right? Anyhow, last night I came across an article on an Anxiety & I page that I follow on Facebook, and found it very relatable and comforting so just thought… Continue reading What Anxiety Really Means.

April Music Tag. :)

Genuinely SO excited to be nominated to do this, thank you yourenotaloneinthisworld !! 🙂 I’ve spent the last hour and a half contemplating my answers and youtubing! Absolutely loved doing it.  Rules:  Put the picture on your post. Thank and Tag the person who tagged/nominated you for this tag!  Tag who ever you’d like! As many blogs… Continue reading April Music Tag. 🙂

April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 14.

Day 14: Breakfast! A bit of an unexciting breakfast for me this morning, I’m a bit wary of what I’m eating after yesterday and have a bit of a tummy ache, which is trying to tip me over the edge and cause a panic attack, but I’m sat here and I suppose I’m fighting it… Continue reading April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 14.

April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 13.

Decided I wanted to join in with this after I saw a couple of the guys I follow doing it, I hope that is okay !! 🙂 Day 13: Currently watching… 24 Hours in A&E. I am absolutely fascinated, shocked, scared by this programme – I absolutely love it, which is strange considering I am… Continue reading April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 13.