A little perspective.

Happy Easter all… currently ploughing my way through my first Easter egg since returning from Milton Keynes for the weekend and feeling slightly nauseous.

So this weekend I was with my boyfriend for the first time in 5 weeks. Our plans for Saturday were shopping, dinner and cinema. We trawled round the usual shops, I bought nothing, my boyfriend bought plenty (ever get that little bit of jealousy when you can’t find anything you like….?) then we headed for Nando’s. As we’d booked our tickets in advance for Fast & Furious 8, we were dragging everything out until the film started at 7:20. Things were ahead of schedule and it felt like we were wasting a lot of time. Although I did come across a Crossy Road machine game in the arcade, beat the high score (obvs) and won over 500 tickets to claim a pants prize. After all of the excitement, it was time to head into the cinema.

Armed with mini eggs, popcorn and coke, we took our seats for the film. Why is it they never actually start the film at the time stated. Then I googled the running time for Fast 8…. 2 hours 40 minutes ?!?! I couldn’t believe it. I expressed my annoyance at this and how I would have potentially decided against coming to see the film if I’d have known it’d been that long, much to my boyfriends disappointment. He loves the fast films, bless him.

Anyway, the film starts with its usual fast paced, edge of your seat car race. After another Vin Diesel victory (obviously), we started to settle into the film. However a few rows down from us, there seemed to be a bit of a commotion going on. Probably nothing… until I heard someone asking for an ambulance. Not much movement, much to see or hear in the dark cinema. Then a group of people carried somebody down the stairs and lay them in the corridor. It suddenly became very apparent that something was wrong.

“Start CPR…”

And with that, the lights came on and the film was stopped. The whole cinema (a full cinema) sat in silence whilst people tried to save this poor man. I don’t even know how long it went on for, waiting for the ambulance to turn up felt like a life time. They even had to use a defibrillator. It honestly felt like something out of a horror movie. One minute he was sitting down ready to watch the film, the next – fighting for his life.

It goes without saying, it was a complete reality check. Not long was I moaning about the film being too long and then this was happening. It was honestly so frightening. We were removed from the cinema not long after and unfortunately, I don’t know how the situation turned out but he has been in my prayers ever since. We decided to go home whilst others were more concerned about getting into the next showing of the film. Each to their own. But it’s things like this, that put things into perspective.

Just something I wanted to share really. Life is so precious.

And so another week is upon us. Luckily for me, it’s only a 3 and a half day week but without fail, I’m dreading it. I’m dreading even more the start date of this new secretary position. Things have been really slow getting the ball rolling with a start date but secretly, the longer it takes, I don’t really mind. This just seems to allow more time for self doubt and reassurance that it would definitely be okay to change my mind and turn the job down.



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