Sunday night blues.

For as long as I can remember, I have always hated Sunday evening. Even as a kid, I would hate everything about Sunday and what it was leading up to. I particularly remember showering one night crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to go to school (more so because I was so afraid of my teacher) but even then.. I still dreaded Monday. Even now, a few years older and I find myself battling to stay awake even when I’m exhausted just to avoid Monday rearing it’s ugly head – fighting a losing battle. I know everybody gets these typical Sunday night blues but I mean, I really get them. As in, sick to the pit of my stomach Sunday night blues.

What am I afraid of? I don’t even know. My job and daily tasks are so predictable, it’s not like there is anything that will catch me off guard. It’s just another day, the start of another week. I even feel jealous of the school kids off for 2 weeks for Easter. At least it’s only a 4 week day I tell myself..

Anyhow, I guess what I’m trying to say is MONDAYYOUSUCK.

There I said it.

Sending you all strength to get through the week and wishing you a good one.

V 🙂


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