A laugh for the day.

So today I had an interview for a secretary position, I’ve been working at the hospital for 9 months now so naturally this felt like the next step, plus my team have been pretty much pushing me towards this since the day I started.

Luckily (or unluckily) for me, the people on the interview panel included people I currently work with/previously worked with and were routing for me to do well.

Scraped my way through the group task (cringe cringe cringe, hated anything group related since I was old enough to feel embarrassment), bossed the typing test (if I may say so myself), mind boggled my way through some random ass aptitude test and prepared myself for the final hurdle – the actual interview.

So all was going pretty swimmingly..

I was holding my hands together under the desk and with all the nerves, my hands were sweaty. For some reason, I decided to squeeze them together and my hands made the most INAPPROPRIATE noise you could imagine. I’m talking a full on fart like sound.


Not to mention the fact it was a moment when both my interviewers had gone completely silent and my hands literally let rip. I couldn’t not acknowledge that this has happened.

“That was definitely my hands by the way”… I said sheepishly.

Luckily they both fell about laughing, whilst in my mind I was crying and grabbing my bags and running out the door. You know these really embarrassing things you always imagine might possibly happen but you cross everything and hope for the best that they don’t happen?

Ever feel like these things are always happening to you?

Safe to say I’ll be mulling that one over for a while! I guess these things happen, you just have to laugh!

V 🙂


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