Cupcake gate.

I literally don’t even know why I’m writing about this, but here it is.

I work in two departments in the hospital and on Friday morning I went upstairs to one of them to do my usual tasks. Yes, this is still bugging me and it’s now Wednesday.

On my desk is a bright yellow lemon cupcake in a container.


  • Ooo where has that come?
  • Is this for me?
  • Is somebody going to tell me that it is for me or where it has come from?
  • Is it for Ann? (The other person I share my desk with who wasn’t in on that particular day).
  • I’ll wait until somebody says something.

I go about doing my usual daily tasks.

More thoughts:

  • So is this cupcake for me?
  • Hello? Is anyone going to tell me where this cupcake has come from?
  • I can’t just presume it’s mine…
  • I can’t ask if it’s for me, what if it isn’t?
  • What if it is for me and I just leave it on the desk, they’ll think i’m rude/miserable/ungrateful!
  • Maybe it’s from Genevieve’s birthday…

Proceed to try and make conversation about Genevieve’s birthday in a hope that it might spark someone to tell me whether the cupcake is for me or not.

Nothing is said about cupcake.

Messages boyfriend about what to do.

“Just ask them if it’s for you!” He says.

I COULDN’T POSSIBLY. How presumptuous would it be if it isn’t for me?

More time passes, more thoughts:

  • This is getting ridiculous now, why won’t somebody just tell me if this cupcake is mine?
  • Shall I just ask? No it’s too late now..

Chocolate cake is now offered round and I consciously turn down the offer for cake in a hope somebody says something about the cupcake on the desk. Surely Suzanne will say something about it? She normally would. Suzanne keeps walking past desk with no mention of cupcake.

  • Like is it for me, or is it not, why won’t someone just tell me?

More time passes and it’s time for me to go back to my other department.

  • Right that’s it, I’m leaving the cupcake.
  • What if I come back in on Monday and the cupcake is still there? Then I’ll have to throw it in the bin. Or go through all this again, hope someone says something, take it with me, then they’ll think I’m weird for wanting a stale cupcake.
  • Oh god, they’re all going to think I’m ungrateful and miserable.

Wish everyone a good weekend incase I don’t see them later in a last glimmer of hope that someone will say something.


F**K you anxiety. Seriously.


3 thoughts on “Cupcake gate.

    1. I just left it on the desk in the end, didn’t say anything and went back to the other office I work in for the rest of the day, stewing over the situation for hours and hours! Luckily when I went back on Monday it had gone haha all of that over a cupcake.. but glad not to be the only one!

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