Oh it’s that day again, the day that makes us feel like we should be showing that special someone that we love them just a little bit more than usual. Over priced chocolates, flowers, jewellery, meals out…

But today, I felt a little different. Valentine’s day has always been a little tainted for me, and I don’t usually do much to celebrate. However today I felt such joy listening to my work colleagues discussing the meals they would be cooking for their partner, or their plans to stay in and chill out for the evening. Facebook posts with entertaining pictures declaring love and showing how thankful they are. The teenager stood outside Costa hugging her boyfriend goodbye with a rose in her hand whilst her Mom waited. The number of men looking for a last minute bunch of flowers after work, walking across Morrisons car park with big bunches in their arms. This just brings me happiness. Total strangers.

So many people criticise Valentine’s day, especially when alone, even I have myself. But even when you don’t have that special someone, the day can be spent appreciating family or even treating yourself. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be bitter, and yes we can show someone we love them 365 days a year not just one, but who doesn’t deserve to be pampered a little extra once in a while? I love how everyone has their own way to show love and appreciation.

13 years ago today, I lost my Grandad. I absolutely adored him and loved every moment I spent with him. Losing him at the young age of 11 was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with and even now, it is still unbearable. I miss him dearly and so my Valentine’s is spent remembering special memories of him, and cherishing my family.


Sending you all love on Valentine’s day.

V 🙂

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