Hello 2017.

I thought I’d write a quick little blog to briefly reflect on 2016 and move forward with what I am hoping to make a good year.

Initially I thought not much had really happened for me in 2016, but of course there have been a number of ups and downs. I started a new job in June, which I still have mixed feelings about. My previous job was honestly unbearably stressful, but I’d become comfortable with the people and my surroundings so leaving was actually a lot harder than I’d expected. At the beginning of the year, I’d have given anything to have got out of the place but at least I can say I left with good feelings about the job. I’m still unsure of my new job, I struggle with the lack of work on days, but the people I work with are so friendly. People acknowledge me down the hospital corridors daily, not because they actually know me but just because they’re used to seeing me – to me, that means so much. The daily commute is still a struggle, but I have exciting news regarding driving, so hopefully that won’t be much of a problem for much longer and besides, I guess I’m used to it now!

My boyfriend also got a new job and moved down to Milton Keynes. This has been hard on our relationship but we’re still going strong and looking to celebrate our 3 year anniversary in March.

The absolute highlight of 2016 was a trip to Iceland with my boyfriend in October. I have always been so apprehensive about travelling but there was something about a visit to Iceland that I longed for so bad and it didn’t disappoint. I had the most amazing few days in such a friendly, beautiful country visiting the famous sights including Gullfoss, Blue Lagoon and Strokkur, and we were even lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Genuinely the most phenomenal thing I have ever seen. I was so comfortable and happy in this country, I would go back in a heartbeat!


I also went to Switzerland to stay with my brother and sister-in-law, went to the British Touring Car Championships at Silverstone with my Dad which I genuinely loved, saw my first NFL game in London, bought a tent with my boyfriend and went on our first camping trip and more…

There have been struggles emotionally, particularly with social anxiety and depression, but I feel the daily anxiety I used to suffer with has calmed down quite a lot, and I’m very lucky to say I can quite often get on with my daily life without that aspect rearing its ugly head.

So my 2017 resolutions…

Learn to drive (god dammit, this is the last time I’m putting it on my resolutions list!)

Generally be healthier and lose a bit of weight.

Read my books, help around the house, basically do anything other than spending endless hours in my macbook or phone looking at crap! (I’m awful for this and social media can have such a negative impact on my mood).

Stop wishing my time away.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a fantastic 2017 – I’m going to put it out there and say this is going to be my year!


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