Oh Monday..

So my alarm went off this morning as it does every week day at 6:15am, except this morning it completely startled me, sending my heart racing and causing me to break out in a hot sweat.

What on earth is happening, I thought to myself in my confused, half asleep, half petrified state. Oh, it’s just Monday. I’ve got to go to work, again.

Why does the weekend go so damn fast when I spend every hour checking the clock at work to see only 2 minutes has passed since the last time I looked?

I’m struggling to find my feet and get comfortable in the world of work. My first job left me feeling horrendous every single day, stressed out to the max and hurt from the behaviour of others. My second, has been a much nicer environment with people who will acknowledge you just because they’ve seen you a number of times down the corridor rather than because they actually know you. Except it is so boring. So, so dull. And a lot of the time, I’m struggling for even something to do. You may think it sounds bliss, but it really really is not. I feel like I’m losing my mind most of the time – I spent 3 years at uni for this?

I just have to get through this week and then I’m off until Christmas.

Sending you all love and strength to get through this week.


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