April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 18.

Day 18: Your Idol.

I spent quite a bit of my day thinking about this one (I love how much thought I actually put into some of these answers…) and decided on someone who I’ve always admired.


When I was younger, I spent a lot of time swimming. You know how everyone seems to have that one thing they’re really good at? Well mine was swimming – I’d train numerous times a week, as well as swimming with school and competed in galas. I was such a shy bean, but that didn’t matter once in the pool. When I think about how fit I used to be as well, the crazy drills I wouldn’t even dream of attempting now! My love for swimming also meant I aspired to be an olympic swimmer. We wrote a piece at primary school about who our idol was (Sharon Davies at the time, as she’s won gold for GB!) and I put how I wanted to be an olympic swimmer. When my teacher marked it, she wrote ‘believe in your dreams Victoria, and go for it!’ It has stuck with me until this day, I still have it with all my swimming certificates. Sadly, it obviously never happened. But Rebecca Adlington is still my idol. Winning gold for GB, such a lovely personality and now has herself a little family. What, a, babe.

Another idol I would like to add is someone from my family. My dad and two brothers are all passionate runners, and its always been something I’ve wanted to do except I got the swimming gene instead! I always felt I was better at sprinting rather than long distance,  but surely if you put in enough time and effort, it can be something you become good at. Well one of my brothers, is exceptionally good. He puts in unbelievable amounts of training and effort, his whole lifestyle and diet revolves around running. He’s been running for 11 years now, and he’s in the best form ever. This sunday, my Dad and I were photographing a race in Leamington Spa, very popular and well known in the Midlands, and this time, my brother won. As he came steaming down the finishing straight, I was genuinely in tears, I felt so proud. So he is another one of my idols. I thought I’d include a video I made about him in first year too. It was one of my university modules, although I am a photographer not videographer so please ignore the lack of skills!

Interested in the Photo A Day Challenge?


V 🙂


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