April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 17.

Did a really good job at keeping this one up… (well I only missed two days). 😦

I’m awful at trying to ‘make’ habits, any suggestions? There’s so many things I want to DO but I can never be bothered, but I know once I get into the routine of it, I’ll be fine? Except I can’t get to that stage. I’ve got a good habit of coming home from work, coming on my macbook and looking at the same social media sites over and over again…

Anyway! Day 17: Favourite Actor/Actress.


I was a little late to the ‘Taken’ party, but as soon as I watched one, I was absolutely hooked and infatuated with Liam Neeson! I just love him. One of his films I would definitely recommend is Non-Stop!


Talk about absolute woman crush  – Kate Hudson is just 👌 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Bride Wars, are some of my absolute favourites!

A film with these two in would be an absolute dream… But I don’t see that happening some how!

Interested in the Photo A Day Challenge? 


V 🙂


One thought on “April Photo A Day Challenge – Day 17.

  1. I love How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days! I think it’s so cool that under “posts I like” on your page it shows my picture of Tim Daly. He’s adorable!

    Did you ever consider setting your alarm on your phone to remind you of things? Sometimes that helps! 🙂

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