April Music Tag. :)

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One: “Name a song that reminds you of high school” :

There are so many, but this has to be the ultimate! Sum 41 – Fatlip.

Two: “Everyone has that one song that makes them tear up, what’s yours?

I spent a while thinking about this one, because there are quite a few songs that really touch me, but ones that actually make me tear up? I think it has to be Time to Say Goodbye – Katherine Jenkins. I think it’s such a lovely song, but it goes without saying in what situation it can be absolutely heartbreaking. Gives me massive goosebumps.

Three: “What’s that one song that everyone hates, but you secretly loved?”

Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jagger….. haha! It grew on me massively and I just don’t know why. Not so sure about it now though! 😉

Four: “The last song you listened to?”

Sia – Cheap Thrills. Love this at the moment. I’ve always seen Sia and thought literally.. what is that hair about? But the songs of hers I’ve heard, I’ve really liked, I keep meaning to listen to the full album.

Five: “Song you discovered on YouTube?”

Found this a bit of a hard one, and considering yourenotaloneinthisworld  had Willy Bum Bum ?! haha I thought i’d go for the Duck Song!

Hey got any grapes?

Six: “Favorite Band” 

Young Guns – I absolutely ADORE these guys. Myself and a friend went to see Aiden live in June 2006, and they were supporting. I knew I saw as I heard their music I was just in love, I even asked the lead singer for a hug (v proud moment!) I was lucky enough to find them just as they were starting out, and bought their EP with just 4 tracks on. Now they’ve got 3 albums and I’ve been able to see them ‘grow’ I guess as they gradually become more popular. They’re the sort of band that changed my life, with the songs and lyrics you can connect to in so many ways. Weight of the World has to be the very first song that got me hooked!

Seven: “Favorite Solo Artist” 

I think anyone who knows me, knows just how much I ADORE Ellie Goulding. Like seriously, it’s not even healthy. The first time I saw her live, I was completely shell shocked and speechless, and fighting back tears. I just saw her live recently in Birmingham and she sang mine and my boyfriends song (cheeeeeeesy) and I absolutely bawled. I don’t even know how I got into her music, it was as if one day I just heard one of her songs and was addicted. Ever since, I think I literally know every word to every song. I just love her.

Eight: “First CD to own” 

I’m disappointed to say I don’t actually know! Which sucks because I know it can be such a significant memory for those who remember going to buy their first CD! Actually, I think it may have been Paramore, Riot! It came out in 2007… Surely I must have bought a CD before then haha but this is the one I have a particular memory of, I think they were the first band I had my big obsession with!

Nine: “Artist that left too soon”

Have to agree with yourenotaloneinthisworld on this one, it has to be Amy Winehouse. The documentary of her life is a must see – just so sad and moving, it made me see her and her life in such a different light.

Ten: “A song from the year you where born?”

To begin with, I didn’t think I knew any, so I googled Top Hits of 1993 and I was surprised by just how many I knew.. thought I’d pick this banger though! Haha

Eleven: “Group you wish never split up?”

My Chemical Romance. A bit of an emo band yes, but I did go through that stage! I still love listening to their music every once in a while, and when they split I realised how much their music actually impacted my life while I was growing up. I felt like their music helped me when my Grandad passed away.

Tweleve: “Song from your favorite music genre?”

I love such a wide variety of artists and genres, but I think my ultimate favourite has to be rock. And this has to be one of my favourite songs just ever. Not because it reminds me of anyone or anything, but the song is just beautiful. Just amazing, and it’s about New York! I was so lucky to see Foo Fighters live last year, legend Dave with his broken leg, it was indescribable.

Thirteen: “Song you can’t help but dance to”

Went for a bit of an odd one with this one, I think I sit at my desk dancing to any music. But this song reminds me of my Tuesday night’s out at uni, such good memories!

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