New Year, New Me.

Okay seriously, where has 2015 gone? I’m not ready for 2016 yet, I’ve got too much chocolate to eat before going on a health kick!

I know quite often people criticise others for saying new year, new me, or all the people who are in the gym on the 1st of January with their new memberships. I think fair play to them, what is so wrong with having the hope of becoming a ‘new you’ at the start of the new year? So what if the majority of the time we don’t follow through with it? I know I’ve done this more times than I can remember. There is so much hope for a new year, but more often than not it’s just another year with highs and lows and next thing you know, you’re considering your next load of resolutions.

I don’t know whether I’d say I’m making resolutions this year, but I know there are things I want to make a conscious effort to do in 2016.

For one, I’m going to buy myself a diary and write in it daily, Bridget Jones style. Lovely Bag of Nerves Lady suggested keeping a book of positive things that happen each day so I will be using my diary for this too!

Secondly, I’ve been meaning to stop swearing for ages. I don’t like how much I swear, neither how awful it sounds. I know my Grandad would be so disappointed. So if I could finally do something about this, that would be fab.

Down to the harder things. 2015 has been a tough year in terms of removing ‘poisonous’ people from my life. You always read life is too short to be friends with people who just bring negativity and I truly believe that. Except for me, it’s made me feel like I’ve lost the majority of my friends. Then again, were they even ‘friends’ to begin with? I could talk endlessly about this, but I already dwell on it too much. I spend so much time considering their behaviour, trying to find reasons as to why they did what they did or why they thought they were right, what might have been, should I have put up with it so I don’t feel so alone? Basically, I don’t want to hold on to these feelings anymore. And I know this will be hard for me.

I’m also very over analytical of peoples behaviour. I’m very concious over what people say to me, how it comes across, whether people are whispering about me, whether I have upset somebody, the list is endless. Even behaviour that isn’t directed at me, I get very agitated by. Even the lack of basic manners can get me riled. In general, I’m very angry at the world, and that is something I do not want to be. I already know I need to ‘re-train’ my brain to consider situations in a more positive light, but I have been struggling with this for a long time and I’m sure I won’t be getting over it immediately in 2016. But it’s something to aim for. I so badly long to be a positive person, but I’m a long way off that.

Finally, if I don’t do anything else, I MUST learn to bloody drive!

So those are my kind of resolutions for 2016. Do you have any? Or do you have any advice as to how to help me get better handling these things?

Hope you all have a fabulous new year, whatever it is you are doing. And a massive thank you to all who have read my blogs, commented and took the time to get to know me and my journey. One good thing from 2015 was finally creating my blog, and even though I’m no super blogging star just yet, it has been great so far.

V 🙂

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