I am feeling massively sluggish at the moment, like I’m not really going anywhere and sadly I don’t feel I have much more to say than that. I have so much time on my hands and so many things I could be doing, but I’m wasting it doing barely anything. I aspire to be organised, spontaneous and enthusiastic but I’m far from. I hate being lazy and bored, but I can’t get myself motivated to do anything. So another day passes. Basically, I am one big contradiction! Does anyone else ever have day(s) like this? How do you bring yourself out of them?

V 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sluggish.

  1. If I feel like that I’ll set myself one small job to do. Sometimes I’ll get that one job done and sit down again and other times once I start I just keep going and find myself doing a lot more. Great as a distraction if something is bothering me but that is also the hardest time to start something as I’m distracted by what is on my mind. Probably not much help!


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